Super Simple Spring Rolls

You will start making these more often once you realize how easy they are!

1 package spring roll rice paper circles (will keep in dry pantry for years)
Veggies of choice, sliced in small strips - such as: Cucumber, carrot, red/yellow pepper, purple cabbage, green onions, red onion, zucchini, asparagus, sugar snap peas, jicama, avocado, etc.
Herbs: basil, mint, cilantro, etc
Other ideas: baked tofu, cellophane noodles, tempeh, chicken, etc

Get out a large bowl or shallow dish that is preferably large enough to soak the rice paper in. Get a kitchen towel wet and wring it out. Place on a work surface. Have all your veggies cut and ready to roll. Soak one rice paper sheet at a time in cold water for five to ten seconds. Place the rice paper round on the damp towel and place some ingredients near top. Fold over and bring sides in, add more veggies and roll/repeat to seal. Keep rolls from touching each other. Use dampened paper towel to keep moist if not eating right away. Serve with delicious dip below for best results :-).

Delicious Dip for Spring Rolls
Also see Indonesian Peanut Dip under ‘Bring to the Party’ section of the recipe index at

2 Tbsp nut butter of choice
2 Tbsp organic ketchup
1 Tbsp soy sauce, coconut aminos or Bragg’s liquid aminos
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp onion powder
Dash hot sauce of choice (optional)

Healthy Facts July 2017: Super Simple Spring Rolls

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