In the late 1970s Dr. John McDougall worked as a doctor on a large sugar plantation caring for over 4,000 1st - 4th generation Filipinos, Japanese and Chinese families. His older patients, who lived on rice and vegetables, were thin and free of common chronic diseases: however their children and grandchildren, who ate more ‘American’ diets with cheese, meat and processed foods became fat and sick.  Obviously the problem wasn’t with genetics: The change in diet caused the change in their health.

There are many varieties of rice that provide different flavors, colors, and textures such as sticky, fluffy, etc. Purchase brown, wild, black, red, etc. rice varieties as they will have the nutritious bran and germ intact. Having a convenient rice cooker or instant pot, can help you make rice and other whole grains a part of your lifestyle. Add seasoning while the rice is cooking to give more flavor to it!