Habits are created from knowledge, skill, desire and brain chemistry. The first step is to THINK IT - Be specific about a goal, see yourself doing it over and over in your mind. Habits can save a lot of time and energy and be a ‘load off your mind’. Well-established habits are almost completely automatic. Think about why you want to form this healthy habit. Get down to the root of your motivation and desire for it. Keep visualizing yourself doing it. Identify one habit to focus on: Packing a healthy lunch, eating a healthy breakfast, going to bed on time, exercise routine, drinking 8 oz. of water, ordering healthy in restaurants, including vegetables in your daily meals, etc… Why is it important to you?? Really now, why? What are some of the many ways you could make it happen?? How will you overcome the obstacles? Keep thinking it, writing about it, planning for it.
Next step: ACTION. The more times the desired habit is performed, the deeper the “groove” for that pathway in the brain is established. Old habit pathways are still present, but since they are not being used, they grow weaker. Relapse? Don’t give up. Take up your new habit again and continue your progress. You will soon be feeling the rewards and ready to tackle another healthy habit!