Send Artwork

Please email your artwork to
Follow these guidelines when preparing your files

1. Please include your Business Name, OR Store Name, City and State along with your Account Number (Advertisers Only) in your email. If you do not have an account number, please indicate your Sales Representative’s name or Customer Service Representative’s name.

2. If sending “DIGITAL-Ready” artwork, please make sure your ad is designed in the correct dimensions, otherwise, our Art Department will have to adjust your artwork to fit our ad size.

For ADVERTISERS we offer FOUR AD SIZES. Please check with your sales rep, or customer service rep for existing accounts, if you do not know which one you have purchased.

SINGLE AD = 3.375w x 1.6h inches
DOUBLE AD Vertical = 3.375w x 3.375h inches
DOUBLE AD Horizontal = 7.125w x 1.6h inches
TRIPLE AD Horizontal = 10.875w x 1.6h inches

For STORE OWNERS there are 3 SECTIONS to advertise your store information.

FRONT COVER TOP = 3.375w x 5.18h inches
FRONT BOTTOM AD = 3.375w x 1.6h inches
INSIDE TOP RIGHT AD (in color border) = 3.375w x 2.945h inches

3. We accept the following FILE FORMATS for ads, photos & graphics:
Listed in the order of preference...
.pdf* .eps* .tif .jpg .png .gif (not recommended) ***We DO NOT Accept .docx files *for pdf and eps files - please create outlines on all text or embed all fonts

*The file’s RESOLUTION or DPI (dots per inch) should be set at 600 or higher to ensure a clear, crisp print of your images and/or text. The resolution/DPI can be adjusted in any program that can create the file formats listed above. Artwork sent in the Internet-Standard GIF format and/or files with a default of 72dpi will have a very poor print quality and therefore are not recommended.

4. We accept files only from the following PROGRAMS:

  • ADOBE INDESIGN CS5 (.indd files)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or older (.psd files)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or older (.ai OR .ait files) - create outlines on all text.
  • Adobe Acrobat 10 or older - do not set any security options/restrictions on your pdf files; embed all fonts.
  • Quark XPress 9 (.qxd files)

*We CANNOT accept files created in programs not listed above.
***Microsoft PROGRAMS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED! (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint)

5. If sending files that are more than 2MB in size, please compress your files using WinZip or StuffIt

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