Making good, healthy choices every day can be a real struggle for many.  Lots of us have an addiction I call “More”. More - is never enough and can never fill the hole that more ____ is supposed to satisfy. We can learn to find comfort in healthier ways. Focus on 3 things:

1) Eat Fiber Foods (all plant foods have fiber -- animal products have ZERO) - Research shows that the nutrition inherent in plant foods will change brain chemistry for the better. Sugar/Fat foods like ice cream can be physically addictive because they light up a primitive part of the brain that makes you want to eat more and more in a druglike binge that can lead to loss of control and shame. Filling up on the healthy foods helps a lot! For example, you can eat appr. 20 baked potatoes with salsa to equal the fat in one teeny, tiny bit of ice cream.

2) Focus on new HABITS - Study your bad/negative habits and test ways to replace them with Good habits. New Habits require Consistency and Repetition. Keep at it and don’t give up. You’re worth it!

3) Develop your social network and self esteem - Friends & Confidence/Spirituality. - Research shows that the happier and healthier you feel, the less likely you are to resort to food, drugs or alcohol to cope. Feeling good about yourself is an active process. It involves DOING. Exercise, a job well done, helping others, and writing down your gratitudes are some examples of actions that help people feel good about themselves. Also, Building Strong Relationships is an effective strategy for resolving food addiction.