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High Quality Display

Healthy Facts prides itself on providing our valued advertisers with a high quality display that will reflect positively on your company..

Target Audience

Businesses that advertise in Healthy Facts can reach a group of people with an above-average income that have money to spend.

Free to Customers

Healthy Facts is a trifold publication that is FREE for customers to pick up from a display stand in retail outlets.

Wide Demographic

Consumers vary in age, which allows your business to continue to grow for years to come.

High Exposure

Effective advertising is getting your business the exposure it deserves, and Healthy Facts will provide that for you!

Local Advertising

We feature exclusive advertising space to businesses in the surrounding areas of their retail center.

Ad Sizes...

There are 4 Ad Sizes to choose from: 3.375w x 1.6h inches (Standard Business Card Size Ad - )

3.375w x 3.375h inches

7.125w x 1.6h inches, and 10.875w x 1.6h inches